New Gallery from Spain


In June I visited the little town of Covarrubias just for 24 hours. Some photos are posted in a sub gallery with the same name under the new main gallery "Spain". ...more

Again a photo of mine on the frontpage of a Magazine


Once again "Informator Katolicki" published one of my photos on the frontpage. ...more

New gallery published


I made a new Gallery from a Valley within Oslo, Maridalen. It is under the main Gallery "Norway". ...more

Shots from today


In a summer burdened by rain, I have to go out when the weather is better ... new shots from the River "Akerselven" in "New Work" gallery. ...more

Some new Photos posted


After having got the right SD1M house from Sigma Japan, I have restarted shooting with it ... 4 new photos are posted in the "New Work" gallery ...more

Posted photos not shown before


While searching my archives I decided to post 8 photos in B&W from Ulvøysund in the "South" sub gallery of "Norway". ...more

Starting a renewal process of the website


During the summer I want to work on the website and the selection of photos. ...more

New Work from the Westcoast of Norway


In the gallery "New Work", I have posted 8 new photos shot with the Sigma SD1M and the 24-70mm zoom. ...more

A few more photos from the Sigma SD1M


I shot some photos with the SD1M and the 18-50mm on Bygdøy this Sunday. They are posted in "New Work". ...more

More Testshots with the Sigma SD1 Merrill


In the sub gallery of the Sigma SD1 Merrill in Test shots, I have uploaded 12 more photos. ...more

New Gallery for Testshots


I just made a new main Gallery "Testshots" to have the possibility to show the abilities of the different cameras or other special things. ...more

Enjoying the Sigma SD1 Merrill with the 85mm


I just posted 8 new photos to "New Work" shot with the Sigma SD1 Merrill and the 85mm. ...more

Bought the 85mm F1.4 for Sigma


A very good prime for the Sigma SD1M indeed. I posted some photos shot with the new lens. ...more

More photos from Sigma SD1 Merrill


I am enjoying the new DSLR and shot some more today. Eight new photos are uploaded to "New Work". ...more

First photos with the Sigma SD1 Merrill


Yesterday I made the first shots with the Sigma SD1 Merrill. I posted 12 photos to the "New Work" gallery. ...more