An update to the Website

It has been too long since I posted new Photos on the Website. But I have not stopped shooting. For a time I was considering some changes to the Website, but they are not easy to achieve without quite an amount of Work. So instead I have decided to show the photos I post from now on in a bigger size. I do also want to change some older series of Photos with newer shots and slowly renew the content of the Website.

I have also bought some more Photographic equipment to better the selection of tools for my Work. Further I has also continued learning to develop the Photos some times in a different way to give more emphasis to the scenery. There will be some new articles on this.

The first new Work I do present today, are shot with a Panasonic Lumix GX1 together with a Voigtländer Nokton F1.5 lens that I have had since 10 years. Because it is a manual lens, it will not save the focal length, nor the aperture value. But the most important thing is the result of the shooting.

The new Photos were shot at Tromøya, but are showing mostly Waves. Therefore I have decided to change the content of the "Beach and Waves" gallery under "Nature".

Beach and Waves