More sunset photos added


Once again I enjoyed the sunset at Bygdøy and I have uploaded 4 more photos to "New Work". ...more

16 new photos added


I have had little time to work with the photos lately. But today I posted 16 new photos to the "New Work" gallery. ...more

Photos of a painter at work


Today I visited the ongoing exhibition of Dag Hols painting. I shot a series of photos posted to the new gallery "Dag Hol" under "People" ...more

Winterphotos with the Fuji X100


I just posted 12 new Photos in the gallery "New Work" shot this morning after snowing. ...more

Photo trade show in Oslo


This Weekend the annual photo trade show was held at Lillestrøm by Oslo. ...more

Some nightshots at iso 3200 posted


I am some times experimenting with the Fuji X100s ability to shoot in the dark. ...more

One of my Sigmaphotos on the frontpage of a Magazine


Today I got an exemplar of a Magazine where one of my Sigmaphotos is covering the frontpage. ...more

New Photos from the surroundings


I have posted some new photos in "New Work" from close to where I live. ...more

More visits so far than last year


Yesterday, on the 19th of February, the website passed the number of visits in 2011. ...more

New article on digital photography


I just posted an article with my thoughts on digital photography with two examples from my own work. ...more

Two more photos from Bygdøy added


Yesterday I was once again for the time of sunset at Bygdøy. ...more

Some reorganizing


I placed some of the photos from "New Work" in their right gallery "Sea and Sky" under Nature. ...more

Reprocessing in Black and White


I reprocessed the photos form yesterday in Black and White and adde four more. ...more

Cold shooting


Today in the afternoon I shot some photos at -12C. Some are posted in the gallery "New Work". ...more

The use of Panning in photography


I have tried this technique and I am explaining it in a new article. Further I have posted some examples in a new gallery "Panning" under the main gallery "Artistic". ...more