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The Artist

Arne, realmente es gratificante saber que detras de esa inmensa personalidad que portas, existe un espiritu que ve e interpreta el mundo de la forma que lo retratas en tus capturas, muy profundo..., hermosas fotos con mucho para leer,
Saludos fraternos desde las pampas australes


Takk for de vakre sort hvitt fjellbildene fra Norge, de gir både og perspektiv.
Benedicte Brøgger

your photos

I am from the Philippines, a Catholic by faith, and share your keen interest in photography since I was 14. Am quite impressed by your photos as they show a deep sense of creativity and discipline. This keeps me coming back to your site... very inspiring shots! Many thanks for sharing.
Donny Endencia

Rome photos

Your photos of the columns in Rome are super, gosh, I love them. The contrast is great, I see you used your DP1. I am so envious of the results. I have the Fuji X100 and have corresponded a little with you on that DP Review forum.
Keep up the nice work,
Debra Gillilan in Virgnia, USA
Debra Gillilan

The light

It' s amazing to see the light in various ways, and
I like very much the winter photos and the photos from Lofoten. I wonder when a new exhibiton will take place? There MUST be a gallery for these special photos...?
Wenche Heimholt Isachsen

Greetings from Denmark.

Hi Arne.

I cannot help it but I keep returning to your captivating galleries. The way you use the clouds and light to set the mood in your images reminds me of the Danish landscape photographer Kirsten Klein. Great work.

Best regards,
Niels Kristian Bech Jensen
Spørring, Denmark
Niels Kristian Bech Jensen

new work

Hi Arne,
I love your new work. I was thinking of selling my x100 and you have changed my mind.
I have some old work on
kieran brogan

To this guestbook!

Thank you, Arne, for this wonderfull site, with your excellent work, both in pictures and in text. I have just found it here on the Internet, and look foreward to meeting it more often in the future.
Herman Gunnarsjaa


Arne, many galleries of great images very well-presented.
I see you take great care in set-up & composition, and am interested also to learn just now that Sigma Foveon also enthused you ! I'm a recent DP1 owner, with always an eye to what may best capture light & especially great colour ...came to your site via dpr X100 forum ....
Very well done indeed - look forward to seeing more !
All the best,
Nick Bland

¡Majestuoso tu trabajo!

Tus fotografías no hacen más que reflejar tu interior. Emociona tanta sensibilidad en imágenes. Nunca me imaginé encontrar tanta belleza, te felicito. Por favor, no dejes de deleitarnos con tanto talento.

Marvellous exhibition

Marvellous exhibition at Gallery Vera! Hopefully various galleries will do the same; show your excelente photos!
Wenche Heimholt Isachsen

Hello !

Just to tell you I was very pleased to meet you and to congratulate you for your photos. I hope we'll meet again, soon.
Best regards,
David Suissa
David Suissa

new special photos

oh, you recreate God's nature, and show us new ways to look at. I can not wait to get the photo I have ordered .....
Wenche Heimholt Isachsen


Hola Arne!!
Realmente están hermosas las fotos! Qué bellos lugares has recorrido. Saludos de toda la familia


Fantastic photos. The movements in the shadows and the colours in the black and white are an artist's token.
Alf Modvar, Oslo
Alf Modvar

Sigma SD-eiere i Tigertaden

Flotte bilder du har knipset,,
Har selv både Sigma SD10 og SD14, vi er vel en av de få som har disse kamerahusene her til lands.
Her er noen bilder jeg har tatt:

Ha en god helg..

Ole Reynert Olsen

Your photos

are absolutely fantastic. I'm in awe&frankly envious of your talent. Not just black and white but color as well. Well done.
Jan Lapter


Gracias Arne por venir a conocer nuestra casa!!. Tu trabajo fotografico es excelente. Muchos exitos.
Migue y Jazmin

Your Photo Website

AWESOME pictures!!!! xo micheline

Sigma Japan

Dear Arne Marco Kirsebom,

We have just visited your website

Your pictures are very impressive indeed and we are very happy to hear that you made these pictures with our products.

Please continue enjoying Sigma.

Kind Regards,

Vuslat Tatar
Sigma Head Office, Japan
Vuslat Tatar

I Love Your Pictures

I love your photography. It amazes me how much detail is missed by the naked eye. Your pictures create such an atmosphere and personally I find tranquility in your pictures. I hope to see more of your photography.
Raphael Danuya

your website

thanks for a very inspiring website. I too am a fellow Sigma user (SD14) amd I really love your B&W images - they have a dreamlike quality. I too have a clikpic website - not as developed as yours (!) - it is at
Best regards and God bless
Pat O'Neill
Pat O'Neill

Great photos!

I am really impressed about your photos. It is easy to see your creative way of seeing.....
These photos gave me a quiet moment.
Thank you.
Wenche Heimholt Isachsen

Your so talented!

I'm an Arne-Marco-Kirsebom-FAN
Keep up the good work!

Love and prayers!
Anne Lynn Leonen Gelacio


Having your own website makes for a sense of accomplishment. Now you have full control of to experiment not only with the acquisition of your images but also with their display.
Well done and I hope you find this rewarding as you already have some very nice examples to show the world.--Wally
Wally Newell


Hey Arne! Congratulations to you new website!
- steve
Steve Chong

Congratulations Arne!

Your website looks great...keep up the inspiring photography!

Guestbook Note

Great start to you site Arne. I like the layout and the initial photographs. I have a special heart for B&W photos and yours are very good. Thanks for sharing.
Larry Douglas