On these pages I want to share my thoughts on photography, my experiences, my decisions etc., what I think is important to know to understand my approach to photography.

Fujifilm XF10


The little Fujifilm XF10 is my newest camera. ...more

Some actual thoughts on my photography


It has been a long time since the last time I worked with the website. Much has changed in the meantime. This article tells something about it. ...more

Non Fuji accessories for the Fuji X100


The Fuji X100 is very nice camera for caring around and bring on trips. To make it even more useful, I have bought some practical accessories for it. ...more

Thoughts on digital Photography


In this article I am sharing more of my thoughts on photography and I am explaining two examples from my work. ...more

Panning as a Technique of Art


Using panning can produce a special artistic feel to the photos. In this article I present how I have used it. ...more

Photos bracketed with the Fuji X100


I have tried to use the bracket mode while shooting the last series of land/seascape photos and in this article I do explain how I did it. ...more

The Fujifilm X100 camera


At the End of last year I bought the Fujifil X100 and started using it quite a lot. The new photos on the website are all taken with the new camera. In this article I present some of my experiences with it. ...more

Using ND-filters


To make longe exposures photos, it is crucial to use ND-filters. This article describes how I do it. ...more

Adobe Lightroom


In this article I present my thoughts on working with Lightroom in the processing of my photos and how I use it. ...more

A few Thoughts on Art and Photography as Art


Art is an important gift to mankind so I try to express some thoughts I have developed on it. ...more